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Fine Arzt

Moonstone and Cherry Contigo Necklace

Moonstone and Cherry Contigo Necklace

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A fun collection of different woods and stones, on top of a collage of bits of sterling flatware, all to create this fun little Frankenstein.

These are inspired by the original I made a few years ago, our family lovingly named him “Steve”. Steve has been a companion to many big outings, job interviews, pivotal trips, etc.

These are all meant to act as amulets for the everyday or hard times, or both. These “Contigos”, meaning “with you” are here For those times you need to find comfort in uncertainty, to gain familiarity with pain.

Stone is moonstone and the wood is Cherry Wood Burl from my family farm in Maryland. All components are made from Sterling Silver and come with a 20” sterling chain.

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