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About Elisabeth

Elisabeth Arzt is a Maryland-based multidisciplinary artist. She is the founder of Fine Arzt Studio and has always harbored a deep affection for puns. Working from the confines of her studio, she draws inspiration from her upbringing on a Western Maryland farm, where the rural surroundings instilled in her a profound connection with and admiration for nature. 

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in sculpture from the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington, D.C., Arzt was introduced to a diverse array of sculptural techniques and materials. Post-graduation, her artistic endeavors led her down various paths, including roles as an illustrator, chainsaw carver, costumer, and currently, a skilled welder and jeweler. Embracing a penchant for pushing the boundaries of normality and challenging comfort zones, Elisabeth seamlessly weaves her art into the fabric of her life.

Elisabeth Arzt works within the monumental and the microcosmic scale through chainsaw carving and fine art jewelry. Her artistic vision extends beyond the boundaries of traditional sculpture. With each new carving, she repurposes the remnants of the sculpting process into exquisite jewelry pieces. Through both her large-scale sculptures and intricate jewelry creations, She seeks to celebrate the inherent beauty of the natural world while inviting viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness of art, nature, and human creativity. Each piece tells a story of transformation, from the towering majesty of tree trunks to the delicate elegance of handcrafted adornments, bridging the gap between the grandeur of the forest and the intimacy of personal adornment.

Merging woodworking and metalsmithing—the two trades closest to her heart—Arzt breathes new life into waste materials, creating cherished and focal point pieces. Sustainability is paramount, and each creation is meticulously designed for structural rigidity, transcending trends to stand the test of generations. Through jewelry, Arzt harmoniously blends her lifelong exploration of metals and wood carving into a cohesive artistic narrative.

Elisabeth Arzt’s work has been exhibited at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Craft Week, Strathmore Mansion, and the Tephra Institute of Contemporary Art. She has participated in numerous residencies all over the country.  Elisabeth Arzt’s work belongs to private collections within the United States and internationally. 


Artist Statement

 As a jeweler, my work is a reflection of my deep reverence for the materials I use and the stories they carry. Each piece I create is not merely an accessory but a cherished artifact—an everyday talisman infused with history, intention, and beauty.

The jewelry I craft symbolizes protection, inspiration, and connection, inviting contemplation and forging a personal bond with the wearer. They are meant to be touched, cherished, and passed down as heirlooms—bearing witness to the passage of time and the enduring power of meaningful adornment.

I am drawn to high-quality materials that resonate with authenticity and meaning. From the warmth of polished wood to the weight of ancient coins and the mesmerizing hues of precious stones, I select each element with care. Wood, with its organic textures and earthy tones, speaks of resilience and growth. Ancient coins, bearing the marks of time, hold the energy of past civilizations and human endeavors. And stones—nature's exquisite creations—capture the essence of landscapes and distant horizons.

In my creations, sterling silver becomes a canvas for these materials to shine. It is a noble metal that elevates and protects, enhancing the intrinsic beauty of the elements it embraces. My designs seek to harmonize the rugged with the refined, the ancient with the contemporary. Through meticulous craftsmanship, I imbue each piece with a sense of balance and purpose.

I invite you to explore my collection, not merely as objects to adorn, but as companions on life's journey—each piece a testament to the profound beauty and significance that can be found in the fusion of high-quality materials and heartfelt craftsmanship. May they resonate with your spirit and inspire your own story.