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Fine Arzt


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Uncover unique and extraordinary finds: one of a kind pieces made by my hands

I invite you to explore my collection, not merely as objects to adorn, but as companions on life's journey—each piece a testament to the profound beauty and significance that can be found in the fusion of high-quality materials and heartfelt craftsmanship. May they resonate with your spirit and inspire your own story.

Prints of Pen and Ink Illustrations

Step into the captivating world of pen and ink illustrations crafted by a visionary artist whose creativity knows no bounds. In this unique collection of illustrations, the Elisabeth invites you to peer through the looking glass of their imagination. The precision of the pen captures not just lines and shapes but emotions and narratives, transforming a blank canvas into a portal to unseen worlds.


About Me

Elisabeth, a Maryland-based artist, has always harbored a deep affection for puns. Working from the confines of her home studio, she draws inspiration from her upbringing on a Western Maryland farm, where the rural surroundings instilled in her a profound connection with and admiration for nature.

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